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A New Campaign “Our Search for the Best Nurse” Has Started

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On 12 November, a new campaign “Our Search for the Best Nurse”, conducted by Rietumu Charity Fund, was started. The goal of this campaign is to attract public attention to the importance of the nurse’s profession and contribute to the increase of its prestige.

This year, the campaign is held in the Children’s Clinical University Hospital in Riga. One can vote for the best nurse up to 31 December.

The current campaign, which is organised by Rietumu Charity Fund, is the eleventh in succession. It is held in the Children’s Hospital in a jubilee year for this medical institution - this year the hospital is celebrating its 120th anniversary.

As always, winners of the campaign will be determined by means of voting. Until the end of this year, all current and former patients of the hospital, as well as their families, can vote for their best nurse – either by completing a form on the spot, or by e-mail . It is required to indicate the name and surname of the nurse, as well as the department she works at.

The patroness of the campaign - the First Lady of Latvia Andra Levite said, “It is my honour to open this campaign, which has already been held for the eleventh time. Many people talk now about heroism, using military terms for this, which are alien to me. However. when talking about nurses, I can say that they are on the frontline. They are the first to go to a patient at night when they suffer from pain. They are the first to calm down parents when they find out about the diagnosis of their child. And any surgeon understands that it is much harder to perform surgery, without being assisted by a competent and experienced nurse. From all my heart, I extend my gratitude to our nurses.”

According to the results of the campaign, the 20 best nurses will be determined, who will be invited to a solemn reception in the Presidential Palace at the start of next year. Each winner will also receive a cash award in the amount of EUR 1000 from Rietumu Charity Fund.

“From year to year, having organised this campaign, we are convinced again and again of how important the work of nurses is. They provide invaluable support for both doctors and patients, as it is nurses who take care of patients daily. Their attention and professionalism, when fulfilling doctor’s orders, as well as their warm support rendered to patients, are the most important constituents for successful recovery. With the help of our campaign, we aim to attract public attention to the importance of this profession and appeal to everyone to appreciate it and say a sincere “thank you” to nurses. Undoubtedly, the ones, who have chosen this profession, are people with plenty of emotional warmth who share it with others,” said Inga Shina, Chairperson of the Board of Rietumu Charity Fund.

In turn, Chairperson of the Board of Children’s Clinical University Hospital Valts Abols said, “From the start of this campaign over ten years ago, this year will be the first when so many nurses of our hospital will be able to become participants and winners. We are very grateful to Rietumu Charity Fund, which in these hard times cares about sharing emotional warmth and appreciating the work of the staff of the Children’s Hospital highly. Now, the support required from our nurses, may be more than ever before. Every year they help over 100 thousand children to recover and a high assessment of their work is extremely important.”

The information partner of the campaign is the Diena newspaper. “This year, the campaign “Our Search for the Best Nurse” has a double meaning – we appeal to all mass media to support it, so that the healthcare employees are heard. And especially nurses, who are not recognised on the street, but in their workplace they are golden people in the truest sense of the word. With the help of this campaign, we would like to help them feel better. On our part, in the course of this campaign, both in our newspaper and on our portal diena.lv, we will provide a series of publications on the work and life of the specific nurses,” emphasised Chairman of the Board of Diena Edgars Kots.
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