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Rietumu Guide Has Been Released in Latvian

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The first Latvian edition of Rietumu Guide – the bank’s guidebook to Riga and Latvia – has been released. This is the original author's edition intended primarily for Latvian customers and friends of the bank.

Rietumu Guide already has a long history of over a decade. Initially, it was created for foreign customers of the bank arriving to our country in order to help them get to know Latvia better, spend time here in an interesting way, with due comfort, and of no less importance, productively.

During these years the Guide has expanded and grown – in 2019, its seventh Russian edition as well as online English version, considerably updated and revised, were released.

As practice has shown, with time Rietumu Guide has become popular not only with our foreign guests, but also with local customers of the bank, who use it with pleasure to plan their leisure in their home country and as a useful manual when receiving their foreign friends and partners. With account of this tendency, Rietumu Bank took a decision to issue the guide in Latvian this year as well.

The Latvian version of the Guide provides practical information about the best hotels, restaurants and places of recreation, as well as other information specially prepared for Rietumu Guide.

It contains routes for independent travelling around the country for 1-2 days, specially developed for readers of the Guide, which allow new places to be opened, even to those who are born and bred in Latvia. It also contains routes of thematic tours in Riga, allowing your city to be seen from a new viewpoint, thus noticing different nuances in its architecture, finding out more about the history of Latvia’s capital city, and feeling its spirit in full.

The Latvian edition also includes sections on art galleries, auction houses, information about the restored high society balls, the biggest musical and theatrical festivals and many other things, helping to plan an interesting and filled leisure time.

In turn, the business section of the Guide includes information on the most popular services of Rietumu Bank and other practical data. The Charity Fund section provides information about the projects, events and places arranged with the support of Rietumu.

The Guide also provides the amounts of discounts available to holders of Rietumu credit cards by the bank’s partners – hotels, restaurants and other places of recreation.

Rietumu Guide is distributed for free. The bank’s customers can obtain it in the office of Rietumu Bank and from their personal managers. The Latvian issue of the Guide will also appear soon in the best restaurants, hotels and other places of recreation in Riga and Jurmala.

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